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Streamline your business with next gen mobile app using flutter app development


Within a period of 3+ years, Astu Global Tech has evolved as one of the Flutter Mobile App Development. The unmatched assistance provided by 100+ dedicated employees has enabled us to engage visitors from India and across globe.

Flutter makes building cross-platform mobile applications a breeze

Creating high-quality native interfaces on both, Android and iOS devices just became a lot easier when Google launched its next mobile app SDK, Flutter. A hit amongst developers across the globe, Flutter can work with all the existing codes, has a single codebase, is free and open for coders.

The mobile app SDK offers the best Cross-Platform App Development experience. Also, features like hot reload and widget libraries help in developing rich and fluid native apps in short intervals.

Flutter has proven itself as an expressive, revolutionary and flexible framework that helps developers build awesome, next-generation applications.

Benefits Of Flutter App Development

The advance framework, widget box, and tools help Flutter users to create stunning applications on both iOS and Android platforms. Flutter is responsible for making the development process faster alongside overall cost reduction and ease in coding.

Why Was Flutter Created?

Until Flutter, cross-platform toolkits have been implementing one of the following two approaches to build an application:

  • The native application is built as a website wrapped in the website-view.
  • A cross-platform abstraction is added to the native platform controls to build the application.

Developers needed an approach that worked as a combined solution for the above-mentioned strategies. Flutter was the answer.

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How Is Flutter Different From Other Mobile SDKs?

Flutter has come up with a completely new vision to build mobile applications. Not only does it provide a strong framework to application developers but also an engine with a portable runtime to host the under-construction applications.The framework is totally built upon the Skia graphics library. This add-on provides widgets that can actually be executed in place of widgets that simply act as wrappers on native controls.

The Flutter approach provides greater flexibility to developers to build a fully customizable, cross-platform application in the exact same way as the one built by the web wrapper approach. The only difference is the much smoother performance of the application.By the by, the rich widget library with a large number of open-source widgets that comes along with the SDK makes Flutter a feature-rich platform to work with.

Solutions Provided By The SDK-

Google's Flutter has emerged as an excellent choice to build rich and beautiful native applications. Flutter's usability has been prominently visible in the following fields.

  • M-commerce applications
  • Banking applications
  • Taxi booking applications
  • Entertainment applications
  • eLearning & online training applications
  • News applications
  • Social Networking applications
  • Sports & Gaming applications
  • Online magazines
  • Collaboration Sites
  • Healthcare Websites
  • Knowledge Management System

Easy & Quick Coding

The unmatched features embedded in Flutter has managed to attract developers who have been looking for easy and fast coding solutions. The 'Hot Reload' feature allows checks and changes in the code. It has obviously made debugging easier and faster which in turn opens the ground to new experiments for coding enthusiasts. The more the experimenting on the UI, the better and more enhanced is the functionality of the app that is being created. The single codebase proposed by Flutter solves the problem of writing the code twice for separate platforms.

  • Simple to Adopt for Developers Flutter Architecture is designed to assist developers to make the development process faster and easier. Flutter offers compatibility to its users and integrates different programming languages together.
  • Give User Faster Experience/ Fast Development Flutter provides its users with a cutting-edge technology that makes app building a swift and smooth experience altogether. Flutter helps developers experiment, build UIs, debug and add features according to customer needs.
  • Makes Testing Faster The single code base has been a true help when it comes to writing and testing codes for both iOS and Android platforms. The SDK improves the overall quality of the under-construction app making it much more efficient, seamless and fast.
  • Create Your Own Widget The mobile SDK allows creating personalized widgets as well as implementing pre-existing widgets. The enriched widget library is well equipped with customization tools. The widgets and designs help developers to build apps that follow Material Design. Flutter has been the closest to providing mobile developers with a hassle-free cross-platform SDK with little to no compromise.
  • Single Coding for iOS and Android Apps Flutter saves you the hassles of writing duplicate codes for different platforms.
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