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Hire Project Manager

Within a period of 3+ years, Astu Global Tech has evolved as one of the only company to become top application dsigning, development & marketing services provider company in India.. The unmatched assistance provided by our dedicated project managers has enabled us to engage visitors from India and across globe.

Hire Project Manager for High Quality Output

A project manager must define what a project will achieve - and then ensure it meets those goals. The first step is to estimate the time, human and capital resources, and steps needed. Then, the project manager forms the teams to carry out the tasks - and leads them toward completion. Project managers provide much-needed direction to ensure that at every phase of the project, each contributor knows what's expected. Project managers communicate with upper management and outside vendors and clients as needed. In fact, proactive communication is one of a project manager's most important functions.

Highly Trained Project Managers mange the Complete Application Development lifecycle with focus on effciency.Project Managers lead planning, coordination, communication and control of activities pertaining to mobile technology, ensuring that app project outcomes are in line with customers business objectives and comply with overall time, cost and quality success criteria.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Manage the project goals, scope and project teams to ensure overall project success, including customer satisfaction.
  • Develop and proactively manage project plans, including scheduling, identification of risks, contingency plans, issues management, and allocation of available resources.
  • Monitor progress against the overall project plan, leading the team toward successful milestone completion.
  • Identify, communicate and manage project issues and risks, notifying and/or escalating appropriately to the customer or internally.
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Advantages of Hiring Dedicated Project Manager

Good Project Managers provide the motivation team members need to help bring a project to successful completion. Among the advantages of having a project manager:

Cost Management: A good project manager will save you money through avoidance of unnecessary costs brought about by poor management. With proper planning and execution, a good project manager will always likely to maximize funds and stick to stick within the budget. Additionally, a good project manager would have developed strong relationships with best-in-class vendors over the years which can help in leveraging the costs.

Risk Management: Employing the services of a good project manager eliminates the chances of absolute project failure. Every project has a certain amount of risks, but with a good project manager, any problem that arise in the middle of the project, he/she is likely to make timely decisions to resolve the problem or mitigate the potential risks. A good project manager is also likely to bring out the best out of individual team members and hence reduce the risk in the project.

Time Management: A good project manager will not only save the client money but also time for he will ensure complete ownership of the project right from the start to finish hence freeing the client to focus on other issues. All too often, in-house representatives of projects take on additional responsibilities that are ancillary to their ongoing duties—and often outside their realm of expertise. Unless a firm has internal professionals who have the requisite project management expertise as well as the time to dedicate to this huge undertaking, it is best to hire an outside specialist whose core competency is project management. This will not only allow him to fully focus on the project but also allow other employees to focus on their respective areas of expertise.

Effective Strategy: A good project manager will always ensure collaboration and ownership among parties involved to check the work that has been completed, find possible obstacles and anticipate other possible problems during the course of the project. A good project manager will always ensure timely coordination and integration of everyone involved in the project.

Prevent scope creep: A good project manager will always prevent scope creep. Whether its time or money, or both eating away at the project success, you can be assured that both are as a result of scope creep. Successful project management controls the flow of a project and keeps team members focused on and working within the original scope.

Ensure Optimal Results: A good project manager will always ensure optimal results since he is highly skilled, trained to lead a project from start to completion and within the allocated time and budget. They will always analyse the client’s needs and provide the right resources to ensure the deliverables are of the highest quality.

Advantages with Astu Global Tech

“Project Management is the only key to successfully deliver any app project”

Astu Global Tech provides Dedicated Project Management to satisfy our customer needs, providing the best value for the money. We provide a best platform that will provide quality output ensuring value to our customers business and mark their profitability. We have 10 years of experience Professionals and the champions Of Application Project Management.

Quality & Before Deadline Delivery.

Dedicated Team Allocation on every App Project

100% Money Back Guaranteed on Total Disatisfaction.

Gain Time to Focus on Core Business Functions

Tap Economies of Scale and Purchasing Power

Reduce Downtime

Reduce Cost and Control Operating Expenses

Obtain On-Demand Resources

Improve Productivity

Access Highly Specialized Talent

Realize a Technology Edge Over Competitors

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